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DOE O 251.1D Chg 1 (Admin Chg), Departmental Directives Program

Functional areas: DOE Directives

These changes update definitions and contact information; and provide clarification for directives development and review processes.

DOE O 251.1D AdmChg1.pdf -- PDF Document, 379 KB

Writer: Rachel Mack
  • Administration
ID: DOE O 251.1D Chg 1 (Admin Chg)
Type: Order
OPI: MA - Office of Management
Status: Current
Approved Date: Jan 17, 2017
Last Update: Nov 08, 2019
Invoking Directive: No
Departmental Directives Program
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The Procurement Management System, The Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Guidance, direction and instruction issued by the Department’s Designated Agency Ethics Official (DAEO) in carrying out the DAEO’s responsibilities required by law or by the Office of Government Ethics, or as determined necessary by the DAEO in carrying out the Department’s ethics and standards of conduct program. Guidance, direction, legal interpretation and instruction issued by the Department’s General Counsel (or NNSA’s or any Power Marketing Administration’s General Counsel) to, or concerning the management of, the Department’s (or NNSA’s or any Power Marketing Administration’s) attorneys and the legal services and advice they render.Legal guidance, direction, interpretation or instruction issued by an attorney of the Office of the General Counsel, NNSA General Counsel or any Power Marketing Administration Office of General Counsel is within this exemption. Guidance, direction and instruction issued by the Office of theChief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) (when not in conflict with a Departmental Directive) related to the proper execution of human resources authorities and processes within the Department.

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