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DOE O 243.1B Chg 1 (Admin Chg), Records Management Program

Functional areas: Administrative Change, Records Management, Vital Records

The order sets forth requirements and responsibilities for creating and preserving records of DOE organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures and essential transactions and information necessary to protect the legal and financial rights of the Government and persons directly affected by DOE activities. Admin Chg 1, dated 7-8-13, supersedes DOE O 243.1B.

DOE O 243.1B AdmChg1.pdf -- PDF Document, 91 KB

Writer: Maria Levesque
  • Administration
ID: DOE O 243.1B Chg 1 (Admin Chg)
Type: Order
OPI: IM - Office of the Chief Information Officer
Status: Archive
Approved Date: Mar 11, 2013
Last Update: Jul 08, 2013
CRD: Yes
Invoking Directive: No
Records Management Program
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Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program; Bonneville Power Administration; Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

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