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DOE N 1321.139, Cancellation of Directives

Functional areas: Management Systems and Standards,

Cancels DOE 0000.1A, DOE 0000.2D, DOE 1100.7A, DOE 1100.8A, DOE 1130.7B, DOE 1200.1A, DOE 1280.1A, DOE 1320.1, DOE 1321.1B, DOE 1321.2C, DOE 1322.3C, DOE 1322.4B, DOE 1323.3A, DOE 1323.4C, DOE 1324.7A, DOE 1325.1A, DOE 1325.2, DOE 1360.7A, DOE 1370.2A, DOE 1410.1B, DOE 1450.2C, DOE 1900.1E, DOE 1900.2C, DOE 1900.3A, DOE 2020.1A, DOE 3240.1A, DOE 3308.1, DOE 3792.2A, DOE 4210.3D, DOE 4510.1B, DOE 5400.3, HQ 1330.3, HQ 1360.5, HQ 1360.6, HQ 4330.1A, HQ 4330.2A, HQ 5330.1A, HQ N 3630.22, HQ N 3791.22, HQ N 6200.2, SEN-00-93, SEN-12B-91.

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  • Management and Operations
ID: DOE N 1321.139
Type: Notice
OPI: HR - Office of Human Resources
Status: Archive
Approved Date: Mar 25, 1994
Invoking Directive: No
Cancellation of Directives
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