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DOE O 144.1 Admin Chg 1, Department of Energy American Indian Tribal Government Interactions and Policy

by bnolan

Functional areas: Administrative Change, Public relations, Tribal Government Interaction,

This Order communicates Departmental, programmatic, and field responsibilities for interacting with American Indian Governments and transmits the Department of Energy's American Indian and Alaska Native Tribal Government Policy and its guiding principles, the Framework for Implementation of the Policy. Supersedes DOE O 1230.2. Admin Chg 1, dated 11-6-09, supersedes DOE O 144.1.

o144.1ac1.pdf -- PDF Document, 3.61 MB

Writer: bnolan
  • Administration
ID: DOE O 144.1 Admin Chg 1
Type: Order
OPI: CI - Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs
Status: Current
Approved Date: Jan 16, 2009
Last Update: Nov 06, 2009
CRD: Yes
Department of Energy American Indian Tribal Government Interactions and Policy
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Bonneville Power Administration. Although exemption is contained in current directive, BPA exemption memo is attached for historical purposes.

There are no Technical Standards invoked in this document.

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