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N/A, Delegation of Authority (Field Element Managers Authorized Limits for Real and Personal Property)

AuthorizedLimitsforRealPersonalProperty_EM.pdf -- PDF Document, 272 KB

Type: Organizations' Assignment of Responsibility
Delegant: Dae Chung, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management
Delegate: Matthew S. McCormick, Manager, Richland Operations Office (RL); Jonathon A. Dowell, Acting Manager, Office of River Protection (ORP); David C. Moody, Manager, Savannah River Operations Office (SR); Edward J. Zeimianski, Acting Manager, Carlsbad Field Office (CDFO); William E. Murphie, Manager, Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office (PPPO); Jack R. Craig, Director, Consolidated Business Center Ohio (CBC); Steven Feinberg, Manager, Separations Process Research Unit (SPRU); Bryan Bower, Director, West Valley Demonstration Project Office (WVDP); Donald Metzler, Director, Moab Federal Project Office (MOAB); James R. Cooper, Acting Deputy Manager for Idaho Cleanup Project (ID); John R. Eschenberg, Assistant Manager for Environmental Management, Oak Ridge Office (OR),
Status: Current
Effective Date: Feb 25, 2011
Re-delegation Allowed: No
Authorities: DOE O 458.1

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