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Delegations of Authority from the Secretary

Delegation No.To Further Redelegations
00-001.00G Deputy Secretary (S2) Deputy Secretary Redelegations
00-002.00Q Under Secretary (for Management and Performance) (S3) Under Secretary (for Management and Performance) Redelegations
00-003.00D Under Secretary for Nuclear Security (S5) Under Secretary for Nuclear Security Redelegations
00-004.00A Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
00-005.00 Secretary of Energy Advisory Board
00-006.00D Under Secretary for Science (S4) Under Secretary for Science Redelegations
00-009.00 Economic Impact and Diversity
00-012.00 Energy Information Administration
00-013.00C Chief Financial Officer Chief Financial Officer Redelegations
00-015.00C General Counsel General Counsel Redelegations
00-017.00 Board of Contract Appeals
00-018.00A International Affairs
00-019.00 Inspector General
00-020.00A Intelligence and Counterintelligence Intelligence and Counterintelligence Redelegations
00-033.00C Bonneville Power Administration
00-035.00 Southwestern Power Administration
00-036.00 Western Area Power Administration
00-037.00B Deputy Secretary; Administrators of the Southeastern, Southwestern, and Western Area Power Marketing Administrations; and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
00-038.00B Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy Redelegations
00-039.00B Heads of Departmental Headquarters Elements
00-040.00 Executive Resource Board/Chief Human Capital Officer Executive Resource Board Redelegations
204-108 Amendment No. 3 to Delegation Order No. 204-108 Delegation Order for Approval of Power Marketing Administration Power and Transmission Rates

Organization Chart

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