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Text Redelegation Procedures


Redelegation Procedures for Functional Area Managers

This page contains information and procedures for Functional Area Managers Redelegating Existing Delegations, Proposing an Amendment, and Rescinding a Redelegation.

Redelegating Existing Delegation

When Proposing a Redelegation of an existing Delegation of Authority, the delegant may place limitations or add stipulations to the Redelegation. The Redelegation does not relinquish the delegant's power to exercise the authority, nor does the Redelegation relieve the delegant from responsibility for action(s) taken pursuant to the Delegation. The Redelegation must include the following:

  • Citation of the original source of the authority (i.e. statue, executive order of proclamation, or regulations issued by other Executive Branch agencies);
  • Description of the authority to be delegated;
  • Any limitation(s) imposed, including restriction of Redelegation;
  • Citation of any previous delegation(s) of authority which is/are to be amended or rescinded if applicable;
  • A signature block; and
  • Incorporated into the Redelegation Template.

Email the draft Redelegation assigned MA-1.2 analyst.

The draft will be reviewed and forwarded to General Counsel (GC) or National Nuclear Security Administration GC for concurrence.

The draft Redelegation will be returned with any further recommendations or requirements as necessary.

Make the changes s appropriate.

Provide the original of the signed and dated Redelegation to MA-1.2, and also email the Microsoft Word file to the assigned MA-1.2 analyst.


Proposing an Amendment

When proposing an amendment to an existing Redelegation, the proposed amendment must be incorporated into the existing Redelegation. Obtain an electronic copy of the existing Redelegation from MA-1.2. Incorporate the changes, using the track change feature in Word (redline/strikeout), before submitting the draft to MA-1.2 Analyst for review.


Rescinding a Redelegation

When rescinding a Redelegation, normally, old Redelegations are rescinded as new Redelegations replace them by citing the old Redelegation assigned number in the rescission paragraph. Occasionally, an entire Redelegation needs to be rescinded, and may be rescinded by a memorandum signed by the Delegant.


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