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Directives, Guidance, and Delegations


Other Requirements


DOE's primary means of establishing policies, requirements, and responsibilities for Departmental elements and contractors.


DOE guides provide acceptable, but not mandatory, means for complying with requirements included in Directives.


Legal documents used to transfer authorities granted to the Secretary of Energy.


The DOE Directives Program in the Office of Management (MA-1.2) oversees the development and maintenance of directives, established as the primary means to set, communicate, and institutionalize policies, requirements, and responsibilities for Department of Energy (DOE) elements and contractors. Directives facilitate the achievement of DOE's strategic and operational goals, while ensuring safe, secure, efficient, cost-effective operations and compliance with applicable legal requirements. 

The Delegations Program serves as the central point of contact for the development and maintenance of DOE delegations and designations of the authorities necessary to run the Department of Energy. These authorities stem from laws; statutes; Executive Orders or proclamations; and regulations issued by other agencies, such as the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

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